The Swimming Hole

In Lodi, WI, a homeowner bought a home with a pond on the property that was deemed 'un-swimmable' because it had been historically maintained with algicides and harsh chemicals. Coulee Country was brought in and designed and implemented native vegetation, colonized healthy bacteria, and added purpose-built filtration, aeration, and circulation systems to allow this pond to maintain wildlife and vegetation and yet still be safe for family swimming. The natural water feature was drained, reshaped, lined, and reconstructed to allow for a natural, in-water staircase to safely access the pond from the shore. Coulee also established two waterfalls that are both aesthetically pleasing and allow for proper circulation.
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TenEcyk Apple Orchard

Rob and Annie TenEcyk wanted to transform their farm and orchard property into the remains of a glacial retreat. Coulee Country began by creating rock outcroppings dotted with ornamental evergreens and a left behind glacial pool of the tail end a glacier's final slow descent across the landscape. To create the large, and precisely flat patio surfaces that would complement the rest of the property, special material was hand selected and brought in from the West Coast to create another authentic and unique project that only Coulee Country can provide.
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This is the home of the New Glarus Brewing company in New Glarus, WI. When the owner of the New Glarus Brewing company in New Glarus, WI decided to create the front entrance of their corporate property, their intention was to imagine if it had been carved out of an existing rock slab. So, after deciding to partner with Coulee Country on this complex build upon their sprawling campus, and home of their legendary brewery, ground broke around a massive 22 ft cornerstone that anchored the front entrance, and joined a glorious staircase — built around a water feature that resembled natural waters, coming forth from the earth and rumbling down the adjacent rocky slope. Multiple phases also continued around the property to create access to a ‘biergarten,’ several retention ponds, and a large staircase and for the throngs of tourists that visit the brewery by tour buses. Coulee Country has also created design and build projects for several personal residences for both the owner and members of the management team.
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This golf course property in Monroe, WI is home to a high-profile Madison client that wanted their home to not only fit humbly into the neighborhood but also become an epicenter for client entertainment. Combining the construction of a humble entry way in the front of the home and connecting pathways from the front to rear yards, the project connects both spaces to a specially designed, natural rock, multi-tiered entertainment space. This net-new space will allow for up to 300 people to comfortably gather and still allow for catering, bar and performers. The space includes a natural stage for bands and performances and a precisely-milled surface to safely allow partygoers to attend, even in black tie formalwear (and the high heeled shoes that come along with it.) In addition to the patio decks and decorative rock bluffs, a gas fireplace, and staircase formed from hand selected rocks transform the space into an at-the-ready entertainment venue.
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Deep in Reedsburg, WI, three streams fall into a pond that feeds a beautiful natural swimming pool. This wonder of nature was spotlighted in a PBS special, and for a great reason, this customer didn’t want a typical swimming pool in their yard, they instead wanted to connect with nature in the way of sharing a natural swimming pool with nature and their surroundings. The unique property allows the waterfall features to be directly accessible for swimmers in the natural pool environment.
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Stories From Our Customers
I would certainly recommend Chris. I can't imagine anyone being better than him. He's conscientious, does what he says he's going to do and that's as good as it gets in my book.

Rob Ten Eyck

Brodhead, WI 
Combining your vision and our imagination, your project will effortlessly blend in with your native landscapes, regardless of location, and bring forward the most amazing outdoor experience. We painstakingly replicate what Mother Nature has delivered to other picturesque places around our planet and import these notions directly into your property design. Through integrity, and with your best interests in mind, our process can dignify the natural integrity of your landscape to harmonize with the land, re-engaging your relationship with it, and your surroundings.
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