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This golf course property in Monroe, WI is home to a high-profile Madison client that wanted their home to not only fit humbly into the neighborhood but also become an epicenter for client entertainment. Combining the construction of a humble entry way in the front of the home and connecting pathways from the front to rear yards, the project connects both spaces to a specially designed, natural rock, multi-tiered entertainment space. This net-new space will allow for up to 300 people to comfortably gather and still allow for catering, bar and performers. The space includes a natural stage for bands and performances and a precisely-milled surface to safely allow partygoers to attend, even in black tie formalwear (and the high heeled shoes that come along with it.) In addition to the patio decks and decorative rock bluffs, a gas fireplace, and staircase formed from hand selected rocks transform the space into an at-the-ready entertainment venue.

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