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Coulee Country's Origin

Since 2000, Coulee Country’s full-service design and build services, specializing in creating natural rock and water features that complement and enhance their surroundings, have been applied to over 100 projects. Each project is another opportunity to protect and promote the natural surroundings that the project is being placed into. Each member of our team has been selected based on their skillset and their incredible passion for delivering one-of-a-kind, rarely attempted landscape designs.
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Our Team

Chris Coutre

Principal — Owner, Design Lead
A Wisconsin native, Chris began his journey as a perennial landscaper in the Madison area in 1991. After attending college in Eau Claire, Wis., where he studied physics, Chris moved to Montana to continue his schooling and to pursue his passion of landscape architecture. In 1996, Chris accepted an internship with a custom landscape design firm working with stone and masonry. In 2000, Chris received his degree in horticulture and landscape design and returned home to southern Wisconsin to open his own premier landscape design company with a goal to stay true to the natural art of nature.

Kevin Zeier

Lead Field Mason / Designer
Kevin began his career in childhood while travelling, collecting and researching rocks, these interests combined with his insatiable curiosity, ignited a passion for building and design that takes him through today’s scale of assignment, rocks that are measured in cubic tons. Kevin’s current philosophy — “nature gives us an assortment of natural puzzle pieces that can be assembled to create the most magnificent final image, a lot of us just don’t know where to start, and that’s where we come in.”

From the geological selection of material and species to the very tedious fitting and seam work, Kevin loves pushing things to a point where other people would have stopped long before. to bring a creation to life.

Charity Mirabal

Office Manager
It’s important for clients to have a single source of contact and Charity Mirabal keeps the planes flying and the runway cleared. Keeps things on time, on budget.

Featured Work

You can see some of our client testimonials here.
Chris did everything he promised he was going to do. Through a combination of art and science, Chris delivered a beautiful looking water feature. I felt as though I was working with the BEST!

Eliot Butler

John Pew House, Madison, WI 
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