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This is the home of the New Glarus Brewing company in New Glarus, WI. When the owner of the New Glarus Brewing company in New Glarus, WI decided to create the front entrance of their corporate property, their intention was to imagine if it had been carved out of an existing rock slab. So, after deciding to partner with Coulee Country on this complex build upon their sprawling campus, and home of their legendary brewery, ground broke around a massive 22 ft cornerstone that anchored the front entrance, and joined a glorious staircase — built around a water feature that resembled natural waters, coming forth from the earth and rumbling down the adjacent rocky slope. Multiple phases also continued around the property to create access to a ‘biergarten,’ several retention ponds, and a large staircase and for the throngs of tourists that visit the brewery by tour buses. Coulee Country has also created design and build projects for several personal residences for both the owner and members of the management team.

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NEW GLARUS - Photo Gallery

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