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Our humbly earned, best-in-class reputation stems from being able to finish large-scale projects without property owners being able to tell where Mother Nature finished, and where Coulee Country started.


As skilled designers, stone masons, and builders by trade, we prefer to be known as artisans and visionaries.  As your partner, we have but one opportunity to truly connect your property to your property improvements in a way that honors nature and your intrinsic surroundings– and quality is not an accident.
As designer and owner, Chris Coutre began his career transitioning from his studies of fine art into landscape architecture and design. Soon, native stone and earth became his paintbrushes and palette as he refined his skill set through decades of hands-on experience to bring projects to life. Today, Chris and his trusted team take on seven-figure projects for some of the most prestigious commercial and residential clients across the country. No job is too big, and no challenge will go unanswered. If it can be dreamed, it can become real.
We offer support and transparency through every phase of each project. We are committed to making the process of landscape modification predictable and enjoyable.  From the beginning, we lean in to understand our clients’ goals, expectations, and timing. From there, your project will be supervised and connected through your Coulee Country representatives, not subcontracted to strangers. First and foremost, we build relationships, because for nearly all of our client base, this is a generational investment.
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The foundation of every project is each relationship that we've built in the process.
Our grand-scale landscape designs aren’t an off-the-shelf product, nor do they contain products that have a SKU number. Our plans for your new space won’t be found in some online catalog or recycled from another project. Your home and your property are as unique as Mother Nature made them, as unique as your imagination — and so will be our design plan.
Each custom location – whether wildly complex and lush, or refined to a modern taste and unembellished, our design team will provide you a vision that shapes what your property will become for the rest of your life.
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Every stone is a natural building block to create harmony with your landscape
In the early 90s, we began relationships with rock quarries and Amish farmers across the rolling terrain of Wisconsin and Iowa to begin a cultivation program for the natural stones and boulders we place into our landscape designs. By unearthing these massive, natural stones, our team hand selects exacting centerpieces and matching accompaniment to design your project or property around.

We have more knowledge about rock and quarries from here to San Francisco.

Unique products aren’t purchased, they are discovered.
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Featured Work

You can see some of our client testimonials here.
We really wanted a water feature. Chris and the Coulee Team were recommended to us as THE BEST! Chris really added to what mother nature had put here originally. He is an artist with stone.

Toni Rocke

Cascade Valley, Mt. Horeb, WI 

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  • Natural Pools
  • Ponds
  • Waterfalls
  • Mechanicals


  • Residential
  • Commercial


  • Selection and Harvest
  • Flatwork
  • Natural Outcroppings and Runs
  • Massive Feature Stones
Water Feature Management, Rock Aging, Natural Vegetation Management. 
We also offer a lifetime guarantee on all stonework.
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