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This property design started in the unique remains of an abandoned stone quarry. Preserving the remnants of what was left behind and complemented with artisan stone, water and vegetation design, the quarry was given new life and extended toward the home via a cantilevered, glacier rock walkway that bridges the chasm of runoff from a natural stone waterfall.
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Nestled deep in the valleys of southwest Wisconsin, a shallow, fresh-water green pool sits high atop a rocky hillside. And from it, a voluminous waterfall cascades down layers of natural stone and past native vegetation, pooling into a calm, shallow pond at its base. Flanked by meadows of wildflowers and a dry creek bed, this build perfectly complements its rustic and rural surroundings.
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Overlooking the hum and rumble of the Wisconsin River, this awe-inspiring design was created to imagine as if the estate was built around a naturally occurring feature. Incorporating into the existing expanses of a naturally formed sandstone bluff, over three million tons of indigenous stone and vegetation were brought in to recreate a natural outcropping. Needing to rival the scale and grandeur of the 29,000-square-foot estate it connects with, sandstone formations, weighing as much as 92,000 pounds were carefully trucked and craned into place from distant Amish rock farms. A gathering space and a series of natural walls and staircase designs brought to life to our homeowners’ vision of the natural fluidity of indoor/outdoor living and an extension of living space within nature.
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Perched high over Lake Mendota, this picturesque cottage boasts an entertainment area that effortlessly blends with the sandstones, shales and limestone faces that jut forth over the shoreline. Looking up from the water's edge, you might not even notice that anyone has augmented the land, but looking out over the lake’s alpine waters is now made more pleasurable by human improvements like a wet bar and gas grill. Seating, stairs, and a deck all created to compliment this delightful bluff.
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Frank Lloyd Wright Pew House

When Elliot Butler wanted to create an elegant water feature that naturally interfaced with his residence, he contacted Coulee Country. The issue was his home just happened to be a historically landmarked, Frank Lloyd Wright home. So – Coulee Country got to work facilitating the special permits and planning provisions, outlined by a team of architects located in Chicago. And then undertook the work to handle the delicate project management that came along with actually creating such an important and historically accurate water feature. Years later, the property is still maintained, and the homeowner is delighted with his choice in land design partners.
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