Rock is one of the key landscaping materials when hardscaping a yard. Coulee Country uses a significant aggregate for the foundation; this process allows us to provide a Lifetime Warranty on all rockwork. Our collection of colors, sizes, and textures will help you hardscape in style. Whether you are creating a walkway, patio, retaining wall or staircase we have a larger selection of rock for your project than any other place in the Midwest!

Our retaining walls are an assembly of rocks aligned to hold back dirt; we use an aggregate base for the retaining wall to have adequate drainage and to ensure the life of the retaining wall.


Our staircases are installed with large stones, and significant aggregate as the foundation, this provides minimal movement over time, with excellent resistance to extreme elements, and a focus on art. This process allows Coulee Country to provide our customers with a lifetime warranty as long as you still own your home.

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